Monday, August 29, 2011

Emailing Companies

Who doesn't love little surprises in their mailbox? I know our family sure does! I have a list of brands that our family uses a lot. Everything from what we eat to what we clean with. I try to email a couple of companies a week and inform them of how much I appreciate their products. I will then write down what day and to what company I wrote to, so I know not to write to them anytime soon. When/if they send me coupons in the mail I write it down so I know for future they are an excellent company. Now you're not guarunteed anything, some companies don't even give me a thank you response.

So I say go take 5 minutes and go through an area that you want to target, like the bathroom. Go through the bathroom and write all the companies you could be emailing to. You can directly ask for coupons if you want as well. And try to email as much as you can. Don't make it a priority since you're not guarunteed anything. But at least try too. And then see how many companies respond with anything. Always remember to include your address so they know where to mail anything if they want to.

Me, personally, I have gotten some nice responses with coupons. Sometimes even FREE coupon items! Which is always the best! Try it!

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