Friday, September 2, 2011

Baby Wipe Container Use::

If you ever have extra baby wipe containers, don't throw them out! You can recycle them into something useful!
Here are some ideas I have put together. Please if you have any great ideas add them to the comments so I can add them to the list.

Baby Wipe Container Use:::
-Dryer Sheets (keeps them fresh)
-Store crayons/markers, any art supplies
-Grocery Bag Holder
-First aid kit for the car
-Hair Bows, ties, etc
-Nail care items (polish, files, etc)
-Razors, dangerous stuff
-Puzzle pieces
-Pens and Pencils
-Art Supplies (label each one, paint, brushes, etc)
-Baby Washcloths
-And so many more!!!

I also have a bin that has many containers in there of items I have "back stocked" Like one with my fake eye lashes =) One for travel deoderents, one for eye products, etc.

You can also decorate them if you don't like the decoration already on the wipe container. My daughter has made some dryer sheet boxes for some close friends, of course we write "dryer sheets" on them as well. One of my best friends still uses hers!

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