Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Coupon Binder

Now the question I get asked the most is, How do you store all your coupons? Well when I first started out, back in 2007, yes I had a little organizer box with sections. And then one day in the store it took me 5 minutes to find one coupon, so I knew it was time to go "the hard core" way aka the Binder. I just grabbed an extra binder I had in my house, some sheet protectors and then bought some baseball card holders. My binder has improved over the years, and of course gotten bigger.

These are the sections I have, but of course you can choose whatever works best for you. I feel too many sections is overwhelming and takes too much time organizing.
-Free's (any coupons for FREE products, I put these first so I never not use them)
-Drinks (Juice,Milk,etc)
-Cleaning (TP, Paper Towels, Tissue, Cleaning products, soap, etc)
-Drug & Bath (all bath products, medicine, health, beauty, etc)
-Snacks & Desserts
-Canned & Sauces
-Store (store specific coupons, like target)
-Kids (diapers, wipes, anything like that)

I recomend getting a zip pouch. They usually have nice ones at the Dollar store, you do not need a real sturdy one. If you find it for $1 or less than get it.
What you want in your zip pouch. You shall get a small little pair of scissors, pen, some paper clips, and that's about it.

If you don't have tabs, do not go out and buy them. You can make your own with paper and tape. I like to use sheet protectors for mine. What I do is I print all the Coupon Policies and will insert them in a sheet protector, which is actually a divider of sections in my book. I once went out and bought some fancy post it tabs for like $4, yeah I'll never do that again, was a waste of money. But I do recomend sheet protectors to divide your sections to have all the coupon policies. You should always know your coupon policy at every store and have it on hand.

Baseball card holders are an excellent choice. I always have the picture of the product showing to the front. Sometimes you do need to fold your coupons, usually my expiration dates are on the front or back. Only one coupon goes into the section, I do not have different ones on the back. If there is the same exact coupon then mutiple can go into one section. If its the same type of coupon, but different expiration I will not put it in the same slot. This helps when I am "cleaning out" my binder. I can just take that section and toss them in the recycle, instead of going through that section to make sure I'm not throwing away any good coupons.

Now you might be thinking, what size, what kind, what brand, etc. I first had a normal size one. I had one with a clear sleeve on the front, that was perfect. I would have extra paper in the sleeve and write my list on it. I know have converted to a zip binder, because I almost lost some coupons. Now always check clearance and sale sections. The best time to get binders is around September/October since all the back to school craze is over, you'll find excellent deals on all your coupon binder needs. Get whatever one you think will work best for you. Remember you will need to carry this bad boy around.

I go through my coupons every couple weeks, I'm a mom, so I don't have time to go through it every week. I'll go through and flip pages, check dates, and BAM recycle them. If I see one that expires in a couple days and I know I won't be using it, I'll toss it. I try to update my binder every week with new coupons that I have received in the mail, magazines, sunday paper, online, etc. I run a very organized coupon binder, because when I'm in a store I want to get in and get out.

These are actual pictures of my BINDER. Now I took a picture of my FREE coupons, you don't just get these all the time. If I did, wow, then everyone and their mother would be couping.

Please if you have any questions post a comment, or to show off your coupon binder let's see your pictures. Or your sections, etc!

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