Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Deal Chicken Deals

Deal Chicken-Phoenix, AZ

$10 for 2 admission passes to Children's Museum of Phoenix

$22 value for $10!

I've talked about how Amazing the Children's Museum of Phoenix is in previous posts! This is a Fantastical Deal! Please click on the link for more details

Deal Chicken-Louisville, KY

50% Off 3 Hours of Housecleaning from Another Clean House

$90 value for $45!

Holidays are around the corner! This would be awesome to use if you're getting ready to have guests come over and don't have time, or to give to someone as a gift! Maybe to the hostess for throwing the party as a Thank you? Please click on the link above for more details
Deal Chicken-Nashville, TN

Over 70% Off One Month of Training Classes at Life Fitness Academy

$200 value for $59!

Wow! A whole friggin month of training classes for only 60$, That's amazing! Please click on the link above for more details

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