Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dollar Tree 9/21

So I went into the Dollar Tree today because I had some extra time before I had to pick my daughter up from school. I went in with no plan to buy anything and came out spending about $23. They had a ton of Great items! I'm just going to show you pictures of a few of them, I forgot to take a picture of everything I got. At the Dollar Tree, EVERYTHING is $1 or less! Go to their website and see if you have one near you. They're an amazing store!
-LA's Totally Awesome Pre-Wash Stain Remover. This is the best stuff ever! It even got red wine out of my mother-in-laws pajama pants! Now this has a very strong smell, so I recomend not having children around when spraying. Works magic
-LA's Totally Awesome Carpet Cleaner. This has done magic on our couch,carpet, and rugs from my childs birth to date. Works just as good as the other red bottle that costs 5 to 6 times more than this one does!
-6 pack of child hangers! And good sturdy ones too! That makes each hanger 16 cents! If I wasn't on the major overload of child hangers I would have SO bought more
-Halloween cards. Now I'm a HUGE Hallmark fan, but these were cute, then I got to the register and they were each 50 cents!!! Thank goodness because I bought a ton (even more than pictured) These are a great deal. Now to convince my daughter to write in all will be the trick!
-These little containers with lids! These are perfect size for lunches! Mine and my daughters. I can put ketchup in hers and salad dressing in mine. A small portion snack for her lunch box. These are easy enough for a pre-schooler to open as well. Mom tested!
-Detox foot pads. It is shown on the back you can place them in different areas, yeah they don't really stay nor work that well when placed anywhere but the feet. I love these things, however on the back it mentions how they are not FDA approved, that sure didn't stop me. Now they have a funky weird smell to them, like campfire meets tar kinda smell. They give me strage amazing dreams as well. But I feel fantastical the next morning. So that's my experience with them. I love them. It comes two sets in each box. Try them for $1 if you find them at your store

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