Thursday, September 1, 2011

Go Do Good Is a fantastic website! So you log into the site daily and click on the things you have done that are good for you. Swimming, giving someone a hug, dancing, gardening, paying your taxes, working out, saying no to soda, and so many more. You get points on whichever ones you have done. Some are more/less than others. Now some people might want to click on everything and get as many points as possible. That is just wrong and greedy, we want the site to stay and keep giving us rewards for doing great things for ourselves!

You can have friends join as well and all be on the same team and encourage each other to keep doing good in our lives! I have it set up to where I have my most frequent ones on my page, like "don't sleep in" etc. You can do that as well. I think this is fantastic positive website! Join and see what makes you do more good things!

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