Saturday, September 17, 2011

How many Papers should I Get? What coupons should I clip/print?

People will always ask me, well how many papers should I get this Sunday? My reply is always wait until you get your paper, look through the coupons and see if there are coupons that you would mos def use. Example if your paper is $2.00, is there $2.00 of coupons inside that you know you WOULD use, 75% sure of. Inserts vary from region, and lately in Phoenix the delivered paper is completely different from what's sold in stores. The past month the front of the inserts look similar, however they are printed completely different and so many good coupons from my home delivery paper aren't in the ones in stores. Bummer! So Bummer! I'm willing to spend the extra $2.00 to get another paper and they don't even have the coupons I need! So ALWAYS look inside the Paper to make sure all inserts (coupon inserts) are there before purchasing and Yes I will be that Coupon Lover looking through the coupons to make sure that there aren't switching papers on me and all the coupons I need are in there.

I organize my papers by when they came out. Example last weekend, September 11th. On the actual insert there will be the date in between the front and back on the "bind" So I'll keep them all organized by that, so if I see a fantastical deal and I didn't cut that coupon. I'll just go clip it, and since they're all organized no need to flip and flip forever. I keep mine in my filing cabinet. I used to keep them in like a scrap book orangizer. Do whatever works for you in your space.

I do not cut every single coupon. I originally only cut the coupons I know I'll see some good sales I'll buy. We all buy different things, so do the same until you know the coupon game. But if I do get more than one paper I will cut all the coupons for that product. One time, couple years ago, I was in Albertsons shopping, I saw they had Covergirl make up for 99 cents! I only had a few coupons for Covergirl make up. So I took a picture with my phone so I would remember. Came home and then clipped the rest of the coupons and went back to the store.

I am that much of a Lover that you'll see me in a store take a picture of the item with the sale tag. So I can come home and look for the coupon and then see if it's a good deal with the sale. Get to know where your stores Sale Section is. Target has theirs on end caps, in the back of aisles. Not in front. Sometimes they're items are marked down that much, so always make sure to look at the original price for their clearance.

I will only print coupons that I know I will use. Or that I think might go on sale and would be nice to donate. I won't print a coupon for $1.00 if the item is usually $20.00. That's a waste of ink. If the coupon is for 30 cents and the item sometimes goes on sale for like $1 then I think that would be a coupon to print.

Are you running out of paper? I take recycling to the next level. I will use the back of papers as long as they don't have personal info. Garbage mail ads, yeah I use them to print coupons. I have used my daughters school work stuff. We get at least 4 papers each day of her school work. Of course I keep my favorite and her most talented pieces. But the instead of tossing them into the recycle I re-use to print coupons, so then my paper supply still stays strong and I still save the Earth!

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