Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to ge at least 40% off at California Pizza Kitchen CPK!!!!

Ok LOVERS here's a fantastic deal for you at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)

-First, there was a 20% off your check coupon in todays paper. Dine in/Take out only. Some exclusions, blah blah. CPK coupons are hard to come by so grab as many as you will think you will use. This coupon expires 10-25-11

-Second buy your CPK Gift cards from Costco. Or Costco CPK GC's  and buy them there. It's 79.99 for 100$ worth of gift cards. So even without the coupon you're still saving 20%.

-Now I also am an Executive member with Costco, so I earned 2% cash back through that membership. And bought them with my Costco Amex, which that gave me 1% cash back from Amex as well. So a total of 3% back from Costco and American Express.

So I will hand them my coupon for 20% my total order, then use my gift cards that I bought for 20% off as well, (then my % back with Costco and Amex) Totalling more than 40% off at CPK!

Above is the actual picture of the coupon in my paper and of one of my gift cards =) I LOVE CPK! Yum! Super Excited!

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