Thursday, September 22, 2011

Making Trash into Treasures! Childrens Museum of Phoenix

On Labor day, I finally was able to go to the Children's Museum in Phoenix! WOW! Lovin it! It inspired me even more to make Trash into Treasures. I really do not like to throw that much trash out, I will try to recycle EVERYTHING or reuse it. I live in the hot desert, so composting is not an option, although if it didn't smell in the heat I would have sooo already been all over that. So I'm going to post some pictures that were Fantastical!

Look at the rainbow wall! No it's a gabillion cd's. It was so lovely. It was easy. String and magnets is all it needed to hang a million feet in the air!

Look at the cd fish guy too. Instead of spending money on a fancy smancy mirror, you could make your own mirror, have it be something like a fish and be proud to display it in your home even more, since you created it.
These were amazing! Little Jelly fish looking things. You can't tell, but they sparkle. There were plates on top, glass food containers, with ribbons and strings. These hang very tall, so I was unable to examine them to see exactly how they are made.

Look at these little fying fish! These are made out of kids size water bottles, tissue, glitter, and all that jazz. Super easy even a toddler can create it!
Look at these cute little guys! All made out of everyday items! Milk Jugs, Popcorn containers, Sponges for wings, a very simply and easy project.

Childrens Museum of Phoenix even has some special promo's =)
On the first Friday of every month starting in February, from 6pm to10pm, the Children's Museum of Phoenix will be open to the public free of charge.
-October 7th 2011
-November 4th 2011
-December 2nd 2011

There is a ton of stuff to do for the kids! Remember you're allowed to have fun with your kids here, so have fun with them, don't be shy!

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