Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Target Scores Tonight!

So this evening I went into Target, only to buy Banana Boat Aloe Vera Lotion with my $4 coup to make it 99 cents.... And came out with a ton of more stuff. I got some amazing deals however. And as always I had to buy some items that weren't even on sale. Ok I'll admit the Fig Newtons sounded delicious and yes a tad over priced with no coupon, but you can't always just only buy when it's on coupon. Some of these pictures were taken by my daughter, she had to participate.

I will first post pictures of items I saw in Target. Of course I didn't buy everything, but they had some amazing deals!!!

They had a ton of toys and stuff marked down. The "summer" stuff was WAY more marked down than 50%, it was more like 75%. They had so much stuff!
My hand with my coupon with what product I bought, to show you that it really does become 99 cents! I bought 2 of them.

This shower caddy was marked down to 74 cents! LOVIN deal! I can't remember the original price, but it was marked more than 50% off!
Now this is where the Best Deals were...Oh yeah...Childrens Bedroom stuff... They had a ton of toddler bed comforters, twin sheets, twin xl sheets, etc. I was able to score some full sizes for my daughters bed. You'll see that list later. The second picture is one of the bestest deals I saw in there today! Do you see the savings!? Normally 80$ now 20$ Sheesh!
Here is all the items I bought tonight, photo thanks to my daughter, who REALLY had to take this one. At least it's not blurry =)

Here's a break down of what I bought tonight:
-Purple Headband (displayed on milk), $3.99, on sale for 98C
-Boobie Bra for mama (of course I didn't include that in the pic), $12.99 retail, $6.48
-Pretzels, Normally $1.97, paid $1.67
-Fig Newtons, paid $3.69, no savings, deliciousness demand
-Quaker Chewy Bars (2 boxes), Normally $2.39 per box, paid $2.39, used 75c/2 coupon from paper
-Kelloggs Crispex, these were on sale for $2.75
-Keurig Coffee (2 boxes) Normally $11.99 each, paid $5.98 each
-Target 1% Milk, $2.59, no savings, need milk
-Banana Boat Aloe Lotion (2 bottles), $4.99 each, used $4 each coupon printed, paid 99C
-Full Sheet set, Normally $24.99, $6.24 paid. (YEAH I know, amazing, if they had more at this price I would have bought more, but for some reason just that one was)
-Purple Quilt Comforter, Normally $39.99, Paid $19.98
-Hello Panda Treats in strawberry, $1.00- no savings

So with NO coupons and Everything at retail price, I would have paid $132.70 before tax.
With Everything at Retail Price with coupons I would have spent $123.95

So what was my Total just using 3 coupons on this trip before tax? $62.48, That means I saved $70.22. I saved more than I spent!!!! Perfect! See it's not always about coupon lovin'! It's about finding them deals too!

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