Saturday, September 3, 2011

NEW Printables!

There are some excellent new printables!

You might ask, what did I print from the new coupons and why, so here's my answers:

*Dial 35 cents off. usually these are $1.00 at frys, then they triple alot, so it would make them free =)

*Kashi it's hard to get healthy snacks, so these coupons are great. Target usually has good kashi deals, there Margharita pizza is yummy, we put a little extra cheese on it

*Blu ray movies, I think I have heard Wal-mart has some pretty good deals on these. Great Christmas presenets!

*Simply Orange, both coupons, these are yummy and go on sale all the time at many stores

*Gerber, all, these could go on sale and with coupons make a great deal. excellent to donate to families in need, or the food bank.

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