Friday, September 23, 2011

Quarter Pig

This is Quarter Pig. Yes, his name is very original. Quarter Pig is only allowed to eat quarters, he's on a very strict diet. Quarter pig is a plastic little fella and what's the best about him is he has no hole. So if I wanted the money I would have to get some scissors and slice him up and then Quarter Pig would no longer be with us, and then I wouldn't have anywhere to store my quarters. Excellent plan because who wants to chop up a cute guy like him? Last time I had a quarter pig and decided to cut him open I had something like 205$ in him, that was also before kids and I would constantly buy drinks out of vending machines at work, so everyday I had at least 1 quarter. But wow! 205$ that was just loose change. I ended up using it for Christmas money or something one year...

What am I saving toward for Quarter Pig? Quarter pig is kind of like my back up. Like oh my goodness I need to pay this now, in cash, and I don't get paid for a while type of back up. But clearly I wouldn't pay them in quarters. =) This is a good way to save money. Money that isn't easy access. I keep my pig stored so he's not in my kitchen staring at me wanting to open him. It's more satisfying to see him grow, get heavy, and think I'm such a baller with my pig full of quarters.

Where Did you get Quarter Pig? Well I got him from the 99 cent only stores, and they change their merchandise frequently. Their merchandise is never consistent. But you could always buy a plastic pig and glue his bottom on. I recomend a cheap plastic one so you can see your money build. Man if Quarter Pig wasn't see through I probably would have already busted him open.

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