Thursday, September 22, 2011

ShoeBox Ministry

My dear Mother taught me how to have a giving heart. So whenever I find excellent deals that I don't use/need, I'll buy them just to donate them. One of my favorite organizations to donate items to is The Shoe Box Ministry. They have wish lists even on their website. The easiest items to get cheap is what The Shoe Box Ministry needs, toiletry mainly. The woman who runs this is super nice and so grateful for the donations she gets, that's another reason I love donating to this organization. On The ShoeBox Ministry website they have all the locations for drop offs.
  • 1 regular-size bottle shampoo (or 14 hotel/travel size)

  • 1 regular-size bottle conditioner (or several travel size)

  • 1 can shaving cream*

  • 1 tube toothpaste

  • 1 adult toothbrush

  • 1 washcloth (new or clean used)

  • 1 month supply women's sanitary products*

  • 1 deodorant*

  • 1 large bar soap (individually wrapped or in bag)

  • 1 comb or hair brush

  • 2 individual band-aids

  • 2 disposable razors

  • 1 body lotion (or several travel size)

  • 1 pocket-size packet of tissues

  • 1 pair of socks (new or clean used)

  • 1 mending/sewing kit

  • 1 magazine/reading material

  • Optional ingredients if available:

    • 1 small packet laundry soap
    • 1 shower cap*
    • 1 bath/shower gel
    • 1 hair spray
    • 1 small notebook and pen
    • stationery with stamped envelopes
    • other misc grooming items for men or women
    I'm sure some of these items you even have lying around! If you don't live in Phoenix, then maybe you have an organization like this to donate too? Check

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