Saturday, September 3, 2011

Totsy- Excellent sale, Exclusive Private Retail Site

Tosty is a private sale site that has childrens and womens clothing accesories, etc. What's a private sale site? You must be a member in order to purchase anything, so like an exclusive club! They have some amazing sales going on right now!

They have Really cute girly aprons on sale for less than 20$ and some with matching hand mittens for cooking!

Super cute sandals for casual or dress up less than 15$ per pair, by Maria Mare! These shoes are SUPER SUPER cute!

Scooters on sale. Boys girls clothes! tutu's, ed hardy, maternity clothes, christmas dresses, Tutu dresses, dress shoes for boy and girls, Dad clothing. Rock and learn items, cool beanies, etc. Do you really think I would recomend you checking out a website if it had ugly clothes??? By far this is one of the best! Seriously.

They have it all. Unfortunately I can't post pictures since it's a private website. But it's free to join! So click on the link for your invitation to join! I'm sure you'll find something you'll like.

Tosty-Click HERE

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