Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Daily Feats giving away 50 free points for Newbies!!!!

Starting from today until 10/24/11 Daily Feats is offering FREE 50 points when using thecouponlover50 when you sign up!!!! Wow I wish they had that promo when I started. They have many different prizes and feats. I just redeemed for a 10$ gift card. This past summer I redeemed for Staples gift cards to help purchase school items for kids in need. 

What is Daily Feats?

Daily Feats is a site and app that helps you do good things. It'll guide you in doing small but significant actions -- or "feats" -- that add up to big change. 

Along the way, you'll earn points, share with friends, and treat yourself or others to real-life rewards, motivating you to go do good. 

Our purpose is to make positive action part of daily life, by helping people celebrate their "feats" and reach their potential, every day.

How does DailyFeats work?

DailyFeats helps you build the motivation and momentum you need to make positive change in your life. Whenever you do a feat -- from eating fresh fruit to climbing a mountain -- check it in at DailyFeats by visiting, using our smartphone apps, or just sending a text message.

You'll earn points for every action you check in. Those points add up to real-life rewards, which you and your family can enjoy to celebrate the good things you've done! Awesome.

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