Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to be Frugal for Halloween

Here are some ways to save money on Halloween

-Use your own candy sack. Don't buy those buckets or those cheap bags, that's expensive and your child probably won't want to use the same character next year. I recomend using a recyclable bag. Even the cute ones at the Disney store, and then you can reuse it. The recyclable bags are very sturdy as well. You can be old school and use a pillow case. After they're done trick or treating do you really want to store a bucket until the next year?

-Buy decorations for next year AFTER Halloween. We RARELY buy decorations for full price. We just hope for the best and that the decorations we like will be 50% off on the 1st.

-Think out the Sugar tooth  =) A lot of places, including bulk stores, sell small bags of pretzels, chips, fruit snacks,  etc. These are great because then the child can add them to their lunches and it's a healthier option!

- Don't spend so much money on that costume! Find out what you want to be and throw it together yourself! Look in your closet or ask friends if they have certain pieces!

-You can make your own decorations even! They have free printable coloring pages and let your kids color them and decorate the house with them.

- Have your kids pick out candy to re-use, turn the candy into other treats. There are SO many recipes out there that feature certain candies, like candy corn fudge! Hello, that's perfect for me. Make sure to research the recipes first, so you know which one you want to make. It will be a nice challenge for the kids also, instead of hoping to just eat tons of candy. So if she is offered to choose, I told her which ones to pick =)

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