Monday, October 17, 2011

Michaels Deals with their EXTRA COUPONS

Ok, so I've cruised into Michaels mutiple times within the past week. I've needed some extra items to add to my Halloween costume, and of course sometimes bought extra items. Well it seems everytime I have gone in there the cashier hands me my receipt with *score* another coupon. Now the ones I got last week didn't start until this week. Some have been printing for 50% off, but all the others have been 40% off, which is still awesome!

Now since these coupons come in every Sunday paper there are many things you can do with them. I will list some of the things I have done.

  • Let the kids pick out a wood item that they would like to paint, I give each child their own coupon with cash, this lets the child feel more cool paying for something, and it also helps with their math skills when I toss change in the mix as well
  • Presents (birthday,christmas, etc), don't forget they have a toy section in there
  • Holiday Decor
  • Teacher gifts, supplies the class will need sometime in the year, etc
  • Find a great project to do, buy one thing at a time if there is no rush, then each item will be discounted, instead of buying it all retail
  • Scrapbook stickers and assecories for a Mommy to be, for an awesome baby shower gift
  • Party favors, plates, napkins
  • Need something to fill that empty vase?
The list goes on and on of all the fantastical idea's I have! Now I have a couple Michael's stores that are not far from me. So I am very lucky. So remember things like that if you have extra discount coupons that you think you might not need and might tend to overlook and toss them in the trash.

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