Monday, October 10, 2011

Michaels Shopping Trip 10-8-11

So yesterday I got off work later than expected, so I didn't have time to go to all the places I wanted to :( But It's okay because I found some LOVER deals at Michael's. So I went in with a 50% coupon from their ad in yesterdays paper. With that coupon I bought Peacock feathers which are usually 4.99 for the bunch. All of the rest of the items, were clearance. YEAH! I saved a TON of money. I got all the items listed in all the pictures, after tax for $24.91, The little bracelet kit is normally $15.99, which was marked down to $1.49, Fantastical!

  • 9 packages of stickers
  • 2 white little hand bags to decorate
  • 2 packages of Star Student stickers, donate to the classroom
  • 3 packages of lunch box notes
  • Butterfly hair clip
  • Snoopy bead necklace kit
  • 3 packages of ribbon
  • 4 wedding luggage tags
  • a bundle of peacock feathers
  • Tie Dye bracelet making kit
ALL of this for, with tax, $24.91, What an excellent deal! And then it printed a coupon for 40% an item! So I'll be returning again!

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