Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some nice coupons today

Alright so this is where I'm going after work today....We shall see what kind of deals I will be getting. I just hope I'll be able to go to all 3 places after work, since usually on Sundays stores close earlier. 
HALLMARK $2 off coupon just for shopping today (I am a HUGE Hallmark fan)
Big Lots-today only 20% off my whole order, they don't take any manu coupons though, so we shall see. Christmas is coming up!
Michaels-50% today only, and then I still have my 40% off coupon I can use later this week. I'm making a craft project, so I need to buy all the materials first. This project could take me forever

Where are you shopping at with what coupons?

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