Saturday, November 12, 2011

Black Friday 2011 Ads

Ah...Black Friday....I hate the crowds...But I love the deals....

Black Friday 2011 preview ads/deals/news to view the physical ads click on the tabs up top. It made me enter an email address to enter the site. I made one up =)

I'm not going to highlight the best deals, I think, because not all deals have posted, so I am not 100% sure if that is the best deal and some people don't have all the stores in their area.

So browse through, see what you like, then decide if you want to go.


  • Make a master plan of what stores you want and what items. Even go into the store before hand to get the feel of the store and possibly where the items of interest might be located. FYI it will be friggin nuts!
  • Find out what time all the stores open and what items are more important than others.
  •  Remember lines will be nuts to get in and even to check out. So allow at least 30 minutes for check out.
  • Some stores will have certain sales at certain times of the day, so double check
  • Remember some stores will have a fantastic price on something and they will only start the day off which a low quantity of that item....They do this little scheme to get you into the store...and then hope that since you're there you'll pick up other items, it's totally lame, and it happens
  • Don't get carried away and stick to your master plan...I know sometimes you might throw extra items in just because it sounds like a good deal...

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