Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My awesome Victoria's Secret Trip today!!!

I went into Victoria's Secret today to get my Free Fashion panties and use a couple coupons that I received in the mail and from a friend.
Order #1
-Beige Seamless panty-$11.50-(FREE, I had a free card for them)
-Pink Body Mist 8.40 oz-$18.00-On sale for $9.00
-3 .95 oz Hand Sanitizer
-Used $10 off purchase
Subtotal:$3.98 with Tax: $4.35
(Savings of $36.02)

Order #2
-Fashion Show panties-$10-used Facebook coupon to get it FREE
-Purple Pink Dog-$8.50-got FREE with Pink Purchase
-Pink Sparkling Body Mist 8.4 oz-$18.00
-Victoria Secret Rewards Card (since I had to do 2 orders, she gave me one card since I technically spent enough when two orders combine)
-10$ off purchase card
Subtotal: $8.00 with Tax Paid: $8.75
(Savings of $28.51)

Yeah what a Fantastic Victoria's Secret trip I had today!!!! Yeah!!!
Saved $64.53
Spent $13.10

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