Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Black Friday CVS Trip

So let me first off say that I have been doing this CVS Black Friday thing for a LONG time, before couponing was huge. Out of all my years only one time there was someone else in there doing Black Friday shopping at midnight with me. I can tell from all these coupon shows that more people are mos def couponing. No joke there was like 10 other people in there. Now of course majority of them took other bloggers "lists" and didn't make their own, but I sure made my own. I mapped out my master plan last night and unfortunately it didn't go as planned since they were out of a couple items on my list. There was one nice lady who was a nice true couponer, we should have exchanged emails, I liked her, I could use a coupon buddy, and she was in the holiday saving spirit!

So total I had 3 orders. I will explain each order with a picture. I have not shopped at CVS in quite sometime, so I didn't have any ECB's on hand. =)

-Listerine Pocket Paks
-Colgate Total advance toothpaste X2
-Revlon naik polish X3
-Starbucks Double Shot drink
-Advil 10 count pills
-Benefiber 3 pack
-Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal X2
-Fiber One brownies
-Kleenex Cool Touch
-Gum 2 pack toothbrushes w/ 2 travel caps
-Wet and Wild Nail kit
-Cookies and Cream drops candy
-Excedrin 8ct, plus a bonus freebie attached
--Used 30 cents off Carmex
--$1.00 off Colgate Toothpaste
--$1.00 off Colgate toothpaste
--50 cents off Listerine Pocket Paks
--$1.00 off any Wet N Wild Product
Total o/o pocket $49.71 (with tax)

-CVS AAA 10 pack Batteries
-Peanut Butter M&m's x4
-La Looks Hair gel
-Balance bar
-Listerine Pocket Paks
-Revlon Nail Polish x3
-CVS Flossers 90 count
-Advil tabs 10 count (I forgot I bought them on order #1, ugh)
-Cepacol lozenges
-Softlips chapstick
-Gum 2 pack toothbrushes with 2 travel caps
-IChill relax shots
-Be Kool kids fever patches
-Cookies n Cream Drops candy
-Theraflu 8 pack capsules
--50 cents off Listerine Pocket Paks
Used all my ECB's from order #1
Total with tax $19.58


-2 Discover Kids Ice Cream makers (Christmas Gifts)
Used as many ECB''s before tax as possible
Total came to $3.63 with tax
And then I received a 10$ American express gift card!!!!

I still have some ECBs as well totalling $9.84 that I will use in the Future

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