Friday, November 25, 2011

My Black Friday

So how was my Black Friday? It was alright. I started it last night, online. I originally wanted to wake up at 4 and go to Toys R Us, but I was so tired and as my daughter that we slept until 6 =) Then headed for adventure

So last night I started my shopping online. I did Toys R Us and Kohls. I got the Baby Alive doll with extra food and diapers from Toys R Us, for my daughter. Then Kohls I bought my husband a couple of items, myself some, I don't recall buying anything for my daughter, that's a first =P

So we woke at 6, got ready, then hit the road. The first place we stopped was Ulta to get my make up primer and some shampoo's. I had a coupon, but I guess it couldn't be combine with these "2 Day Doorbusters." So I still bought my items.

Then we headed to Old Navy, by this point all the crazies had left. Got my daughter some leggings, a couple shirts, and a grip of tank tops. I had asked a girl where the "$5 tank tops were" and she showed me the way, well come to find out when I get home the tanks were $7.50!!! I thought my bill was a little higher but I was unable to watch each item scan. I called and the manager explained that those weren't the ones on sale, even though an associate went to ask where they were located, and then showed me....Whatever I'll just return them. The leggings were $5 a pair, they didn't have a lot of the basic colors, so we got a few pairs.

Then we headed into Justice! 40% the whole store, including clearance. So the item was 40% off the sticker price, then another 40% off! I bought a couple stuft animals and some stickers. The stickers ended up ringing up at 35 cents!

Oh then we headed to the mall. We however only went into Dillards. Got my daughter some big girl panties, and got me some things from Clinique and used a gift card. Since I bought qualifying purchases I received two bags for free! One of the bags I'm really excited about because I wanted one that size to take when we go to the pool during the summer. This silver beauty will do!

After Dillards we went home. I thought my daugher and I would crash, opposite, we played.

When my husband got home we then went to another mall that has a couple stores the first one I went to didn't.

It was SO nuts at this mall, there were cops and security everywhere! Parking lot, walking around, I swear everytime you turned they were there, but I guess that's a good thing =)

I attempted to go into Victoria Secret Pink, went in, found some items (duh, of course!), saw the line, droppped my items and walked out. It was nutso in there and the line was way too long.

We went into the Disney Store since that's my daughter's favorite. We secretly purchased her an Ariel brush for Christmas and she bought "a baby Stitch" and she calls him.

While walking they already had Santa out. My daughter saw him wave to her (clearly no one was in line for Santa, he doesn't have bargains!) So she went over waved, said hi, and then as we walked away she knew it was the REAL Santa. =)

Walked into some stores, but I felt the deals weren't that spectacular. Areopostale had 40% off everything, so that made their cami's $11.25, which last time I stocked up I got them for $4.00 a piece! So I passed

Then we came home relaxed, and then I headed to Justice again.....UGH I know...

I realized I needed more stocking stuffers and I wanted to swipe them out of those 35 cent stickers! I got MANY things, and also got the rest of the stickers.

Black Friday was alright this year. Nothing too crazy. I don't want to wait in line for hours for something, nor do I want someone to trample my little girl. My daughter and I had fun shopping together and got some great deals.

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