Monday, November 28, 2011

My CVS Trip 11-27-11

Last night after we went to go see The Muppets, at the new Studio Movie Grill, we made a quick trip into CVS. I already had my game plan since I knew it needed to be a quick in and out since the movie got out at 9:30.

-6 Bottles of Pantene Shampoo (2/6.97)
-3 Boxes of Puffs with lotion (99 cents each)
-3 Boxes of regular Puffs (99 cents each)
-Lysol automatic soap dispenser (Not included in picture because it's already in the bathroom) ($9.99)
-4 Bottles of Dawn Dish Liquid (99 cents each)

Coupons Used:
-4 Coupons for Dawn, 3-25 cents, 1-50 cents
-$3.00 Lysol Automatic Soap
-2-25 cents off 3 Puffs
-$3.00 off/2 Pottle of Pantene (x3)
It looks like she might have scanned two other 25 cent ones again because I can't account for them and there is two.
Just Coupon Savings:::$12.75, with extra coupon mistakes, $13.25

ECB's used from Black Friday
$1.69, .99 cents, $1.87, $5.29

Subtotal: $16.71, After Sales Tax- $20.36
THEN I received a FREE $10.00 American Express gift card for qualifying 30$ purchase
THEN I received a $5.00 ECB for the Lysol Automatic Soap Dispenser
THEN I received a $1.00 ECB for my Green Bag Tag


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