Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rebates for Cars 2

--ALWAYS save your movie receipts, just in case there might be a rebate =)
--REMEMBER to read all the rules, details, and all that jazz before doing the rebate.
--ALWAYS make copies of any rebates you send off, file them, and mark the date you had mailed them the info, this could be a life saver if it gets "lost" in the mail, and also so you know when to receive your rebate

Buy 20$ of Kimberly Clark products and Cars 2, get 10$ Mail In Rebate
     -Which is SO easy since Kimberly Clark makes a ton of everyday products

buy 10$ worth of Band Aid/NeoSporin products & Cars 2, get 10$ Mail In Rebate
     -Don't forget to see if you have any coupons for band aids and neosporin as well

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