Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Pretzel Day @ Aunt Annies March 3rd 2012

WOWZERS! Look at this Fantastic Deal coming up! Mark your Calendars!

At Auntie Anne's on March 3rd 2012 from 10am until 3 pm you can get 

Now last year it was one per person.... Yes I paid NOTHING last year. I went with family and we each ordered our own pretzel to ensure we each got our own freebie. Now since it will be chaos and it will be free I still recomend leaving the team a tip, how would you feel if your company gave out free products and everyone knew about it ?!? =) I'm not pressuring just making a suggestion and however much you feel comfortable leaving them for all their hardwork in the madness!

Last year they only offered for Free the two above. The delicious Cinnamon Sugar and the Salted.

CLICK HERE to find your nearest Aunt Anne's store! This is a Deal you don't want to miss!

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