Friday, February 24, 2012

Kid 2 Kid --Bag Sale Tomorrow (Saturday)

Yikes! They sent this email out a couple hours ago! Ok well they have Kid 2 Kid stores all across America, but I can only confirm the ones near me, since I am signed up for their emails.

Ok...So tomorrow (Saturday, the 25th) They're Having...
Fill a Bag for 10$

Now that does NOT mean anything in store... They have clearance items...and they give you a  Kid 2 Kid bag and whatever you can fit into that bag is 10$, you can have as many bags as you want (or at least mine provides me with as many as I need)

I do HIGHLY recomend getting there early... and if possible leave children at home. It gets Super crowded Super fast... Last year I got there 30 minutes before "open" and there was already at least 30 people in line. I do not recomend any stroller or even baby carrier if you want to succeed at getting any deals.  At the store I went too (last year), they brought out all the bins outside, lined them up,  and actually had the bins labeled with Gender and Size...They wouldn't let anyone into the bins until they were all out.

Last year I didn't think I would fill a couple bags, but we did. We got toys, brand new pacifiers for baby gifts, clothes for my daughter, clothes for nieces, headbands brand new for babies, books, anything that we liked that fit into the bag we got!

Don't forget your stamp card! I think you are still able to get stamps for your bags tomorrow =)

Tatum Store-Doors open at 10 am (mention the words "Spring Cleaning" @ checkout to the cashier and get 10% off Regular priced Items tomorrow

Shea Store-  Did NOT mention an opening time, I'm assuming 10 as well, nor do they offer a special deal on regular priced items

If you haven't shopped Kid 2 Kid before... They are a childrens resale shop that buys and resells your gently used clothes. They have cute clothes and even name brand clothes as well! I always end up getting store credit, which gives you more, and use it. Although you are unable to transfer your credit from store to store since they are all individually owned.

Good Luck!

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