Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reminder: Add Electronic Coupons Monthly

This is just a friendly reminder to add the electronic coupons to your cards. 
 When signing up you will need the actual Grocer store card number and not your phone number, so you would need to contact the toll free number and ask the nice customer service rep for your store card number, if they don't understand explain you want to register for
Digital/Electronic Coupons. Just like paper coupons, they can only be used once at one store, and they do have expiration dates.

The main one I use ShortCuts (You can register MANY stores on this one account)

I mainly shop at Fry's (Kroger) (Ralphs) (Fred Meyer) (Dillons) so I go to their website which also has it.

I haven't registered for Safeway/Vons yet, but I sure will now

A quick List of Stores that don't offer Digital Coupons
Basha's-No, only printables
Albertsons-No, only printables
Meijer- No,
Sunflower Market- No
Henry/Sprouts (recently merged)- No, printables only (for healthier options)
Target- Yes/No they have many mobile coupons though & Target exclusive printables through them
CVS-No, only printables
ShopRite-No, just printables
RiteAid- No, only printables
Fresh and Easy- No

*(By Saying "printables" above..that means they offer all the general coupons all websites offer, no different coupons unless stated above)*

How I Keep It Simple with Digital Coupons
-Don't keep track of them (have a list) like real paper coupons (WAY to time consuming)
-Don't count on them like real paper coupons
-If an extra discount comes off at the Register from a Digital Coup, SCORE I just saved more!
-I log into my accounts once a month to add New Electronics to my cards
-I only click the ones I would possibly buy if I thought the price is right, or if I know something could be a good price (Example-I would never add a Digital Coupon for Batteries b/c they rarely go on sale, and they aren't that good of a deal at the stores where Electronics is registered)
-You will only get that discount once, on one purchased item at that one store...
-Find what Electronic/Digital Websites are best and easiest for you =)

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