Thursday, March 8, 2012

FREE Lowes Creative Ideas Magazine

CLICK HERE to sign up for FREE

-Lowes:Creative Ideas for Home and Garden, comes out 5 times a year (great for decorative ideas, DIY Pinterest type crafts/ideas, Family stuff, Easy stuff, I can go ON and ON)

-Lowes: Creative Ideas for your New Home Magazine (comes out twice a year)

Both of these are physical magazines you can get in the mail. You are also able to read them on your IPad, Kindle Fire, or Nook!

You can also Sign up for FREE emails as well on certain things you want to select.

I was in there the other night picking up some plants with the fam bam and saw this magazine while waiting. LOVE it. I took it home with me, they're free! I feel like it's Pinterest Style... Inspiring, fantastic, and amazing!

CLICK HERE to go to their website and see what I'm talking about and to sign up just for the magazine I picked up, not the other other. I didn't see the New Home one... But I'm sure that one is just as good

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