Thursday, March 29, 2012

Parenting Magazine | up to 79% Savings | 29 cents PER ISSUE for up to 3 years

CLICK HERE to Get Parenting Magazine (March 30th only)
Get 1,2 or 3 years. New or Renew Subscription
Enter Code 4792

The more Years the Better Savings
1 Year-$3.99 (11 issues) 36 cents per issue, 73% Savings
2 Years- $7.19 (22 issues) 32 cents per issue, 76%Savings
3 Years- $9.58 (33 issues) 29 cents per issue, 79% Savings

Even a 3 year subscription is about the price of buying 2-3 of the magazines on the shelf, and you get 33 instead of 2-3!

Mother's Day is coming! This would be a great gift for an expectant Mom as a gift even at the baby shower! Or a just because gift! This magazine is Fantastic, I've subscribed for years!

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