Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Victoria's Secret Rewards Card Promo GIVEAWAY

Okay, so there is all this rave about this Victoria's Secret Rewards Card Promo through their Facebook. I was stalking their Facebook page this morning to see if it's worth it for my readers. Yikes, kid you not it was gone within less than 1 minute! So I was lucky I guess that I got in. I checked my inbox and it's not even a "rewards card" it's a coupon basically. I received 10$ off 50$ purchase. I think it is kind of misleading by them saying "rewards card" since we all know their rewards card have at least 10$ to spend on the card and there isn't a minimum purchase requirement (except the actual value of the card).

So with that being said... I'm giving away my coupon! I will email it to you! If anyone is interested please click on the "comments" below and leave a comment. All comments must be approved by me, so do not worry if you include your email address because I won't publish it =) Good Luck

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