Sunday, May 27, 2012

One of My Safeway Shops

This weekend had some GREAT deals at Safeway. My first trip I wasn't able to take pictures, because the cashier messed up on my original and had to re-ring the whole order, find all my coupons, re-bag everything, etc. And it was a hot mess. But here is another order from another day when I had more time! 

-2 Cases of Minute Maid Lemonade
-2 Cases of Coca-Cola
-2 Case of Bargs Root Beer
-2 Cases of Cherry Coca-Cola
-2 Cases of Sprite
-2 Cases of Capri Sunrise 
-4 Bags of Fresh Express Salad
-Best Food Mayo
-Bag of Marshmallows (not pictured, someone was eating them)

Safeway had a Buy 2 soda packs and get 3 for free. I had coupons for a FREE case of soda, up to $4.99, each soda cost 6.29, I informed the cashier to only take $4.99 so she wouldn't get in trouble. 

Fresh Express Salads were on sale 2/$5 CLICK HERE - $2 off one bag of Fresh Express Salad = 50¢ a bag

Mayo with Olive Oil - $2.77 (sale) then I used a $1 coupon from All You Magazine. At the end of my order another Catalina Coupon printed for 75¢ off. So I think I will go and buy another one! Cha Ching!

My Total WITH TAX: $14.90
SAVED OVER: $76.00

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