Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today's Shopping Trips

-Gallon Milk - $1.57
-2 Boxes of Pasta Roni - $1.00 Each (I forgot Friday Only is 89¢, oops)
-2 Jugs of Odwalla 64 oz Lemonade - $4.99 -coupons = $2.44 Each - Doubled Coupon = $1.99 Each ($3.98 both)
     *Used Safeway Coupon to make them $2.99 Each
      *CLICK HERE- used this coupon for 55¢ on ANY Odwalla
-Hostess Multi Packs, 2 Boxes (Sale 2/$5) 89¢ per box!
      *Used Safeway in Ad Coupon $1.89 Each
      *Used Hostess Facebook Coupon 55¢ off, no longer available
-Mio Liquid Water Enhancer, 4 bottles, on sale $3.99 per bottle - store sale = $2.99 per bottle
      *My store had an unadvertised deal wyb 4 of the Energy ones, then each one is only $2.99
Total with tax: $22.69
Savings: Over 44%

Looking at my receipt I noticed a Hostess coupon was not taken off =( How sad. There wasn't a bagger, so I trusted they would all come off while I bagged my stuff. Won't be doing that again. Although I got some fantastic deals!

-6 Bottles of Pepsi Next- Sale $1.00 - Coups = 45¢ Per Bottle
      *55¢ off one two liter bottle, coupon from this past Weekends paper
-3 Bottles of Tejava Tea - Sale $1,00 - Coups =  66¢ a Bottle
     *$1.00 wyb 3 coupon from a while ago =)
-2 Bottles of Gold Peak Tea, Sale $1.00 - Coups =25¢ Each Bottle
     *Printable (no longer available) 75¢ each bottle
-Corn, on sale 5 for $1.00
-Banana's 38¢
-4 Packages of Plastic Freezer Canning Jam Jars, on sale for $1.44 per package!
Total w/ tax: $13.06
Savings : OVER $22.69 worth

Be on the lookout for these on Clearance at your local store! I even found some with Purple Lids! I have found them before Marked down at my Local Fry's and they had the larger sizes as well!

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