Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vista Print Deals ALL UNDER $3 - Mommy cards, Photo Books, Note Cards, Address Labels, Stamps, and Mugs!

 Mommy Contact Cards. At just $2 for 25
 You can share important information about your children with teachers, babysitters and everyone on the playground.
Great idea for when your kids want to set up a playdate with their new "best friend" that they just met 20 seconds ago

Personalized  Photo Book for $3. 
You can add all your favorite snapshots and customize a theme
Great for anyone! 

Note Cards at $2 and Return Address Labels at $2

You can find a matching set or pick from over 1,000 fun and trendy designs. 
The note cards are perfect for sending little thank yous or hello's to anyone
I like to make address labels for my daughter so when she sends things to people she has her own cute label. 

Stamps for $2
Are perfect for staying organized with mail, packing or storage. Customize one to fit your needs

Personalized Mug $3
 And who doesn’t want a personalized coffee mug with a smiley photo of your child? Or a piece of your favorite art!

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