Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vistaprint - 6 Father's Day Gifts For $5 and Under

 Coffee mug for just $2.99. 
Mouse pads for $3.99.
 Create a memory book for dad with photos from years past for $4.
 Plus, all the photos you upload will be saved in your Vistaprint account. 
 Personalized $5 T-shirt 
Desk calendar at $2.99.
 Add an engraved to the mix for just $4 and you will have the ultimate desk-kit to give to dad! All these reminders will keep him company at work day after day.

You can even upload kids artwork and turn it into gifts as well!

Shipping Rates:
- T-Shirts: $5.52
- Mug: $7.09
- Mouse Pad: $5.52
- Flip book: $7.30
- Pen: $5.52
- Desk Calendar: $7.27

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