Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Shopping Trip Haul 6-20-12

I got ALL of the above for only $151.04
Retail Value is $502.99
Savings of 70%

What I got :
-Pink Yoga Pants (not part of sale)
-Victoria's Secret Yoga Pants
-1 pair of Panties, not pictured for creeper reasons
-Heavenly Shine Parfum FULL 2.5 oz (5 bottles)
-Sexy Little Things Parfum FULL 3.4 oz (2 bottles)
-Dream Angels Forever FULL Parfum 2.5 oz

Then what I didn't realize is I now have a survey coupon for 10$ off 50$ order, so I shall be returning tomorrow =) aaaahhhh.... How I love early Holiday shopping

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